Parc Asterix is ​​a popular amusement park
Parc Asterix is ​​a popular amusement park, located north of Paris, near the A1 Paris-Lille motorway and not far from Charles de Gaulle airport. This theme park is dedicated to…

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Parc Asterix is ​​a popular amusement park

Parc Asterix is ​​a popular amusement park, located north of Paris, near the A1 Paris-Lille motorway and not far from Charles de Gaulle airport.

This theme park is dedicated to the Gauls national culture and was conceived as an alternative to Disneyland, located in the east of Paris. The French decided to build their home entertainment empire permeated with local flavor.

The park is named after the fictional Gaulian hero, known for his many European comics, cartoons and films. The adventures of Galla Asterix and his friend Obelisk, who are fighting the troops of the Roman Empire and Caesar, are very popular in Europe so far, although the first comic with the participation of these heroes was invented in 1959. The Gallic characters are familiar to the Russian-speaking public mainly from the film, in which the Obelisk was played by Gerere Depardieu.

Park Asterix, opened in the spring of 1989, attracts many tourists, but the main visitors of the park are the local population. By attendance, this is the second park in France, second only to Disneyland. Nearly 2 million visitors a year bring about 65 million euros annually.

This theme park was originally built as a recreation area designed for family visits. Therefore, everything is thought out here for a long stay of people of any age – rides for every taste, exciting shows, more than 10 restaurants and even 3 hotels, which is especially convenient on days when the park is open late at night or at night.

Park Asterix is ​​quite compact, the area is beautiful and well-groomed, nice looking landscape design – lawns, flower beds, fountains and ponds with fish and ducks. The park has a living area with animals from the Gallic village – rabbits, chickens, geese, etc.

Although Asterix Park is inferior to the famous “Disneyland” in size and number of attractions, it is also very interesting to visit, there is something to see, and thematic corners will allow you to take atmospheric photos.

Visiting Asterix on average is cheaper than a visit to Disneyland. In addition, “Disneyland” is aimed at very young children, and Asterix – at a more adult audience, adolescents and their parents. Although kids also have something to do in the park: there are rides for them and there are playgrounds.

Near the exit from the park, tireless cartoon characters Asterix and Obelix, who insistently suggest taking photos with them, are constantly on duty.

Park mode
Park Asterix is ​​open during the warm season, from March 31 to November 4. The park is normally open from 10 am to 6 pm, however, on some days the park runs longer. For example, on October 31, November 1, 2 and 3, a special evening program on the occasion of Halloween is held in the park from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am, for these events you need to buy a separate ticket.
However, for safety reasons, water rides do not work at night.

You can check the working hours of the park and the availability of special events on the official website of the park.
Prices for tickets to the park “Asterix”
Adult – 49 euros;
Children from 3 to 12 years old – 41 euros;
Children under 3 years old – free;
Season ticket for an adult – 104 euros;
Season ticket for a child – 94 euros;
Family ticket for an adult – 46 euros;
Family ticket for a child – 37 euros;
Ticket for 2 days in a row for an adult – 92 euros;
Ticket for 2 days in a row for a child – 72 euros;
A half-day ticket for an adult or a child (until 14:00) – 36 euros.
You can purchase a family ticket by purchasing at least 5 tickets at the same time. The park has discounts for people with disabilities and their attendants.

Periodically on the official website you can buy tickets for the action with a substantial discount. However, at the entrance to the park you need to have printed tickets with you.

Amusement rides
The park has more than 40 rides, including a lot of roller coasters and water slides.

The entire park is divided into several thematic zones: Gaul, Roman Empire, Vikings, Greece, and the Crossing of Times. Each area has its own unique attractions and entertainment. In addition, attractions are divided by age and level of extremes.

Cameras are installed on the rides, so immediately after the entertainment you can see your amazed, joyful or enthusiastic photos and buy the most liked ones.

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