Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe is a true symbol of Paris and the history of France. Located on the Place Charles de Gaulle (also called the Etoile Square or the Stars)…

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Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe is a true symbol of Paris and the history of France. Located on the Place Charles de Gaulle (also called the Etoile Square or the Stars)…

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The Louvre
No museum in the world can compare in popularity with the Louvre, which is visited annually by about 10 million people. First of all, visitors seek to see the mysterious…

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Paris. Orly Airport

As is known, in Paris there are 3 airports – Roissy (Charles de Gaulle), Orly and Beauvais. There is Le Bourget, but it is not used for regular flights. Orly is the second largest and passenger airport in Paris. International flights from Orly fly mainly southward to Mediterranean countries. The main intercontinental destinations from Orly are French possessions in the Caribbean and French Africa. Regional French flights fly from here.

In the South terminal of the airport there is a large observation deck – a great place for photo hunting for aircraft. In the first part of the story about Orly, we will look at the airport itself and at the planes of French airlines.

Orly is located 15 kilometers south of Paris, with which it is connected by the Orlival metro line and Kars Air France buses.

Orly Airport
At the airport there are 2 terminals – Yuzhny (Terminal Sud) and West (Terminal West), located a few hundred meters and one stop “Orlival” from each other.

Vagochik “Orlival”.
“Orlival” drives up to Terminal Sud.

South terminal.
The control tower of the airport, followed by the West Terminal.

Observation deck
On the top floor of the South Terminal is a large observation deck, which stretches along the entire building. The site would be just great if it were not for solid glass, glare and reflections from which prevent to shoot. The French, overly concerned about safety, also covered the platform with a metal grid on top.

On the observation deck not crowded. The site is almost not marked anywhere, and you can only get there purposefully. In addition to occasional passengers who rarely climb here, you can meet spotters with binoculars on the landing, who have come to watch takeoffs and landings.

General view from the ground to the airfield. The main runway, Orly, passes over the motorway that runs from Paris to the south. In the distance, on the right, the silhouette of the “Concord” is visible – it is a museum piece.

East view. The terminal has Corsair airplanes (A330 F-HBIL), Ar Caraib (A330 F-GOTO), Aigle Azur (A320 F-HBAP), Royal Air Marok is a rather exotic set of airlines, isn’t it ?

Now look to the west. “Easy Jet” and “Air France”, and then – taxiways to the West Terminal.

Here is the museum “Concord” closer. Apparently, you can get there, but I did not try.

Closer to the terminal, right behind the runway, is another kind of liner on conservation.

Now let’s take a closer look at airplanes and companies.

“Corsair Internationale”
The second (after Air France, of course) by the number of passengers transported is a French airline – Corsair International. It is based in Orly and has 8 transcontinental Airbuses 330 and 747 Boeings in its fleet. Corsair flies from Orly to French overseas territories and former colonies in Africa and the Caribbean.

Boeing 747 Corsear – F-GTUI and F-HSEA.
A330 (F-HSKY).
Once again, the F-GTUI.

“Er Karaib”
Air Caraibes is based in the overseas departments of France in the Caribbean. Transcontinental Airbus companies fly from Paris to Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana. And intracaribbean flights are served by 3 ATRs, which we will not see at Orly.

A330 (F-OFDF) Air Caraibes at the terminal. In the distance you can see his fellow F-GOTO, and in front of him – “Korsarovsky” A330 F-HZEN.

The inscription on the cockpit indicates that this aircraft is assigned to French Guiana.

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