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Parisian five thousand meters (about Parisian cafes)
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Futuroscope European Virtual Amusement Park

Most of our tourists limit acquaintance with France, wandering through the “Bermuda Triangle”: Paris, Nice, Disneyland. And many French tour operators, patiently working out these three routes for ours, still look to the future with hope and are sincerely happy when some Russian travel agency shows interest in other cities. Although the French themselves are partly to blame for the non-mass nature of the provincial routes: they don’t know much English, let alone Russian. Conclusion: you know the French language go rest boldly, even “savage”; you know only one Russian, go anyway, but as part of a group and with a guide. We must go in any case, because the French are such inventors!

Among the places we have not studied, one of the most intriguing is Futuroscope Park. Its marvelous, fantastic architecture is like an island of the XXI century, an avant-garde proving ground. Giant pavilions of glass and steel have the most unexpected forms: either in the form of a huge drop of water, or in the form of a piece of rock or crystal, or in the form of huge pipes. Over the ten years of its existence, Futuroscope has gained immense popularity far beyond the borders of France. The park has become a real Mecca for movie lovers, fans of virtual reality. All attractions are built on the principle of visual perception and, thanks to the latest multimedia technologies, evoke such strong visual sensations that for visitors the virtual world magically turns into a real one. In the world of technology there will be entertainment for children. Specially for them are the attractions: “Musical House”, “Bird’s Labyrinth”, “Sympho”.

Each year, new performances enrich the journey into the world of visions. It makes no sense to talk about them on paper in detail – it’s better to see it once. We will make only a simple description of the pavilions, which will help you to get at least a rough idea of ​​the wonders of the European park of virtual entertainment.

1. Solido
The image of the underwater world on a giant hemispherical screen. Liquid crystal glasses and stereoscopic embossed image objects will help you make a real underwater journey.

2. “Communications”
Here you will connect to the world’s largest computer screen. Click on the gas on the highway information!

3. Cinema Haute Resolution (High Quality Cinema)
More real than natural images of objects, thanks to the synthesis and reproduction of them at a speed of 48 frames per second.

4. Gyrotour (Observation Tower)
Unforgettable view of the entire ensemble of pavilions “Futuroscope” from a height of 45 meters.

5. Le 360 ​​Cinema Circulaire
Sea cruise from Venice to London, thanks to a 360-degree screen.

6. Imax 3D
In exclusive rights for France, “Futuroscope” demonstrates the stereoscopic version of Jean-Jacques Annot’s film “Wings of Courage”.

7. Astratour
Visit the artificial satellite of the Earth “Astra” in a dynamic movie.

8. “Magic carpet”
Two screens (700 sq. M.): One in front of you, the other under your feet, so that you can make the “Monarch Butterfly Journey from Canada to Mexico.”

9. Aquascope
Three projectors and an information system to test your knowledge of the “Water World” through an interactive game.

10. “Vienne Pavilion” (district where the Park is located)
The main components of the pavilion are a wall of images (162 sq. M), consisting of 850 screens, and a simulator that moves your chairs in a certain rhythm.

11. Landscapes of Europe
Fountains, whirlpools, a maze and a boat trip among the mirrors and magnificent landscapes of Europe.

12. Le Cine-Jeu
Interactive training will allow viewers to become participants in the game.

13. “Children’s World”
Two hectares of children’s games in the fresh air and under the roof.

14. Video Haute Definition
A new generation of video images.

15. Cinema Dynamiques
10 films on the program “Mad Sledge” and “Russian slides”. The effect is achieved the same, as if the viewer is involved in the attractions “live”.

16. Cyber ​​Avenue
“Kiberov Street” is entirely devoted to new technologies in the field of communication, new achievements in multimedia. More than 100 posts for real “cyberfans”. CD-Rom, Internet, video games

17. “Theater on the lake”
The play “The game of water” and the play “Lasers in the night.”

18. Kinemax
The special effects of science fiction films are represented by images with a large scan. Screen, tall with a 7-storey residential building.

19. “Futuroscope Pavilion”
“Bank of the Future”, various exhibitions.

20. Omnimax
The film, projected on a giant canvas. Scientific expedition to space on a hemispherical screen with a review of 180 degrees.

21. Cinema En Relief
Synthetic image in three-dimensional image. Thanks to polarized glasses, you can see the birth and development of stars in a 3D system.

22. Images Studio
Journey on board the shuttle through the studio (3,000 sq. M.) With the heroes of French films.

Restaurant Le Roller
Not far (400 m) from the entrance to the park, the restaurant Le Roller will offer you to spend the evening in a dance rhythm. Special lighting, staff on the rollers, dancing in the style of acrobatic rock and roll.

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