Montmartre is one of the picturesque areas of Paris, which is located in the north and is the 18th municipal district of the capital of France. The famous Montmartre is…

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Palace of Versailles in France
The Palace of Versailles is considered one of the most important historical sites of France and Europe as a whole. He was among the first listed on the UNESCO World…

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Grand Opera in Paris
The Paris Grand Opera, located in the Garnier Palace, is considered one of the most famous in the world. Art lovers will be able to enjoy opera and ballet here,…

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The Louvre

No museum in the world can compare in popularity with the Louvre, which is visited annually by about 10 million people. First of all, visitors seek to see the mysterious “Dzhokonda”, the legendary standard of ancient beauty – the Venus de Milo and the marble figure of the goddess of victory Nicky of Samothrace.But if the sculptures can safely get up and plunge into contemplation, then the original portrait of Mona Lisa can not do this. To be at a protective fence, you have to squeeze through a crowd of tourists taking selfies. A small canvas (size – 77 × 53 cm) is placed under the bulletproof glass, giving reflections, so it will be difficult to discern the features from a distance of several meters. Those who expected to experience aesthetic delight are inevitable disappointment. However, in the Louvre there are other paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, and they can be viewed close to: “Madonna in the Grotto”, “Annunciation”, “Beautiful Ferroniera”, “John the Baptist”, “Bacchus”, “Saint Anna with the Madonna and Baby Jesus” .

Tickets for the Louvre
The museum is open daily, except Tuesday, from 9:00 to 18:00, on Wednesday and Friday – until 21:45. Weekends – January 1, May 1 and December 25. Ticket price – 15 €. Persons under 18 years old are admitted for free. From October to March, on the first Sunday of the month, access to permanent collections becomes free for everyone, just like July 14, Bastille Day.

Book a ticket on the official website of the Louvre. When buying at the box office accepted payment in cash and bank cards. The ticket is valid during the day, if necessary, you can leave the palace and return again.

Entrances to the Louvre:
through the pyramid (main entrance);
near the arch of Carusel;
through the Lion Gate to the right wing of the museum;
from Rivoli Street – 93 rue de Rivoli – into the left wing;
through the underground entrance of the Carrousel du Louvre shopping center – 99 rue de Rivoli;
from the metro station Palais Royal Musee du Louvre.
Louvre tickets with audio guide
Buy a ticket over the Internet to the Louvre with an audio guide
To buy a ticket

Louvre paintings
The pride of the Louvre is a collection of paintings, including more than 6,000 paintings created by European artists from the end of the 13th century until 1848 (works of a later time were moved to the d’Orsay Museum). The works of painters from France and Northern Europe are exhibited in the Cour d’Richelieu and the Square Courtyard (Cour Carrée), while the works of Spanish and Italian masters are displayed on the first floor in the Denon Gallery.

The monumental canvases “The Coronation of Napoleon”, “The Oath of the Horatii” and “Death of Marat” by Jacques-Louis David are eyeing the eyes.

The plot, depicted on the canvas “Raft“ Medusa ”by Theodor Gericault, formed the real tragic events: after the shipwreck, only a few crew members of the sea frigate survived.

Eugene Delacroix’s “Freedom Leading the People” is considered a key milestone between the Enlightenment and Romanticism. Political and allegorical work glorifies the heroes who fought on the barricades. The picture was painted in 1831 by order of Louis-Philippe, who ascended the throne as the king of the French people and made the tricolor the national flag of the country.

The idea of ​​the visual art of northern Europe is given by the “Lacemaker” and “Astronomer” by Jan Vermeer, “The Tree with the Crows” by Caspar David Friedrich.

The Venice School of the 16th century is represented by Titian’s paintings “Village Concert”, “Standing in a Tomb”, “Woman at the Toilet” and “Crowning with a Crown of Thorns”.

Visitors for a long time freeze in the works of the Renaissance, among which are the works of Raphael “Madonna with Veil”, “Archangel Michael”, “St. George, the Victorious Dragon”, “The Beautiful Gardener”.

The bloom of creativity of Botticelli, when the artist worked at the court of the powerful Medici dynasty, includes “Madonna with Child and John the Baptist” and “Portrait of a Young Man”.

No less interesting is the painting “Saint Louis, King of France, and the Page” by El Greco, whom art critics call the symbol of the Spanish Renaissance.

Caravaggio as the founder of realism in painting and one of the greatest baroque masters is represented by the “Fortune Teller” and the “Death of Mary”.

The extensive collection of paintings by Rembrandt Louvre is obliged to Louis XIV. “Sun King” after the death of the great Dutchman ordered to buy all his paintings. Among the masterpieces – “Self-Portrait with a Golden Chain”, “Dinner at Emmaus”, “Bathing Bathsheba”, “Fired Bull”.

A series of paintings describing the life of Marie de Medici, was commissioned by the Flemish Rubens herself, the Queen Regent of France.

Pictures of Hieronymus Bosch and Peter Bruegel the Elder are transferred to the dark atmosphere of the Middle Ages and apocalyptic ideas.

German artist Albrecht Durer captured himself at the age of 22, providing the self-portrait with the inscription “My works are determined from above.”

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